about me

Ri Sun Ryang   梁 梨純(りゃん・りすん)





I am an illustrator and am mother of two children.

I drew all the pictures by self-education.



 ロゴ / shop MENU / キャラクター / フライヤーなど






それは あなたの心の中の風景を 目に見えるカタチにすること


写真も何もなくても 記憶や想い出をお聞かせいただくだけで大丈夫です。


派手に目をひかせたり 流行りのデザインで飾り立てるのではなく

時が経つほどに その想いと共により一層深みを増すような絵を描きたいと思っています。


あなたの想い 大切にお預かりします。


I draw the thing which you found in your heart.






― portrait

― guardian angel





The name of my children is associated with “RYUKYU” (Okinawa of Japan).In Okinawa of Japan, the Shisa is considered to be a guardian angel.

I drew these pictures as guardian angel of my children.

― design

― picture book 【What shall we do tomorrow?】 (2007)

『KID'S(きっず)グッズ工房』http://r2-f.com にて、子供と母の絵をコラボレーションさせた究極グッズとしてご紹介しました。



This book designed by drawing of my children and me.
It is the fantastic story that I made to the drawing of children.


『Ueko』…eldest daughter
『Shitako』…yougest daughter





【What shall we do tomorrow?】


It is still dark night.

Ueko who slept well woke up suddenly.
In the next her, younger sister Shitako sleeps comfortably.
Adults seem to have already slept well, too.


Ueko is a first grader,and her younger sister Shitako is 2 years old.
Ueko loves Shitako very much.
Shitako loves Ueko very much.
Ueko thinks while being excited at having woken up at the midnight when everybody sleeps.

" What shall I do tomorrow with Shitako? "


" Shall we play a flower garden? "
..." I'll make a crown of flowers for you,Shitako. "


" Shall we run on a bicycle breezily? "
..." please wait only a little more untill I become able to do that."



" Shall we feed a dove? "
..." But Shitako eats the bait of the dove."


" Shall we swim with fish? "
..." But Shitako cannot soak a face in water."


" Shall we sometimes make up, and go out?"
..." Anyone will think us to be an adult."


" Shall we fly in the sky with balloon? "
..." How many balloon does Shitako need? Her stomach is very round! "


" What should I do if Shitako will be found by alien in the sky? "
..." It's OK! I'll protect you, Shitako!! "



Ueko is sound asleep.

" Let's play together tomorrow."

― memories of Christmas

― mural painting 【7 grandchildren】 (2016)

 my children, nephew and nieces


いよいよ、孫たちの中で最年長である 姪1号が高校を卒業。
ちょうど孫たち全員が同時期に制服を着る生活をしている “今”を 描きとめておきたくなりました。
The older niece graduated from a high school.
In Japan, many schools have a school uniform.
I drew all children which wore the uniform of each school.