― logo

ー business card

― original goods

for 【Room HAIR】 -beauty salon (1998~2002)

logo / shop card / sticker / menu / price list board

for 【Junichi& Aki's wedding ceremony】 (2001.5.5)

welcome Board of the wedding ceremony / wedding invitation / seating list

for 【良元子供英会話教室】 -English school

sign board / poster / flyer

for 【Yong Sa & Ri Hyang wedding ceremony】 (2004.3.21)

welcome Board of the wedding ceremony / wedding invitation / The decorations of the reception desk

for 【Trattoria Cielo】 -Italian restaurant (2004~2007)

illustration / menu / flyer / xmas card / xmas menu 

for 【mamo's wedding ceremony】 (2011)

pattern of design / wedding invitation / seating list

for 【Kaori Hashimoto -a soprano singer】

character / CD jacket

for the movie 【みんなの学校】 (2017)

character design / image design / make a story / original goods

― mural painting (2013)





I drew a picture on the wall of the parents' house in acrylic paints.

It was a very valuable experience to draw on the big canvas.

― original glass

matching design 【The flower which continues blooming in our hearts.】(2010~)

brandy glasses for Christmas🎄

for 【Marchanman-san's the 25th anniversary of a wedding】(2014)




この25年間がどんなに大切なものか 充分に伝わって来るものがありました。
This is for the 25th anniversary of a wedding for Marchanman-san.
I expressed for 25-year trace after they met by the sea.
It was very important place for them.

for【Lica-san's the 25th anniversary of a wedding】(2015)


戸田ご夫妻 ご結婚25周年を記念しておつくりしたブランデーグラス
お話を伺っていると お2人の愛に触れたような 幸せな気持ちになりました。
25years ago, The music was an opportunity of their encounter.
Her husband is warm existence for her all the time.
She told me "He is like the sun, I'm the moon and children are stars."

【Dinner party of 2 families】

for Mikako-san and her family【The 28th Wedding Anniversary】


Mikako Kanazawaさまより
お2人が挙式されたアメリカの “ガラスの教会”
【 Wayfarers Chapel  - ウェイフェア・チャペル- 】    


【 ~ つながる ~ 】


this is the original flute glass which I designed for memory of the 28th anniversary of the marriage of Kanazawa family.

The theme of the disign is "connected".

I drew main motif in the image of Altar of the church and another motif in the image of a leaf vein.